Reflection on using blogs in language teaching and learning

I found this link is useful for you get started your blogs with WordPress

Do you agree with these:

Advantages and disadvantages of using blogs

What about your ideas?

Personally I have mainly used my blog to share thoughts, feelings… with my friends and family as Viet Nam, not many students can have internet access. Thus, they do not have opportunities to experience much on it. For me, teachers play an important role of how to CHANGE the way to facilitate student learning in order not to be backward!


4 thoughts on “Reflection on using blogs in language teaching and learning

  1. Steve


    I like the way that you’re not only putting your own reflections but you’re also asking questions for the reader to reflect on! That’s great and is really useful in in-service training. I think you’re a natural teacher!

    1. nguyen_ngocanh Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, I don’t recognise what natural is expected to be in in-sevice teacher training though, I like the sound of it. Learning with tech. in a natural way, does it make sense?

    1. nguyen_ngocanh Post author

      The question takes a little time to answer, positively I believe that learner access to the internet will be quickly improved in VN through the government policies & huge sponsored projects . However, not only teachers but also school mangers should be trained to be aware of the best/most effective use of ICT in learning and teaching and management practice. They must be important factors to create students’ learning environment in which ICT is used as tool to facilitate Ss’ learning. Therefore I must say the improvement of learner access to computer/internet at each school in VN firstly depends on school managers then teachers


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