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Off-line authoring and web 2.0 reflection story

I have created a story for TELL group teachers who are interested in applying web 2.0 tools in their teaching practice . The story needs evaluating..though I am trying to embed music (propbably Beethoven Moonlight Sonata could be best) into the story by using screencast-o-matic ,

…and it takes time to accomplish..I need your help!


Web 2.0: storybird

I am really attracted by storybird tool. You would be easily inspired as it is a wonderful idea for language learning and teaching at schools. To see how it goes, just click ‘tour’ for instructions. and then, why don’t you comment on my first story …?

Lesson Plan: Introduce Blogs to English majors

Finally I have made the following lesson plan to be posted on our Wiki, embedding the idea of Stephen Caughley at and the report from our group.

the Lesson Plan is accompanied by the Video: Blogs

I hope to have your constructive comments for improvements

Thank you


My Twitter account has been activated today, though I still feel like teering, scaring away to publish the posts. Strange, isn’t it? last week you were disappointed as just having got few comments and now, reluctant to be seen by people…

I did not trust twitter before and did not follow any twitter invitation as I doubted of rubbish information may cause, and now I am learning from scratch, have tweeted and let’s see how it goes…

Feel a bit guilty to my SIG as I have not post anything there (just planning!)

from CoP of Second Life

It was not the first time I attended a cyber professional forum like we have just had one with Helen Myrers this morning, I am entirely influenced though. Helen is a teacher of French and senior manager at a state secondary comprehensive school in the UK. She used to be the President of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and is currently Chair of its London branch. She has researched in Art, Music & Languages. It was amazing as we just joined in the discussion without noticing that we are from different parts of the world (UK-NZ). Wonderful to talk to her, asked questions about ICT & TELL/CALL. She shared with us how secondary teachers in the UK use ICT for sts’learning and provided us with lots of tools/websites as materials/resources to spend on/consider to build our CoP. I found it inspired. Why not? Languagelearningmusicology with ICT to improve ELL&T, just an idea has come up ..

Thank you, Helen and the tutors for such stimulating moments!

Blog, Wikis and LMS

Well, I have spent experiencing how to use blog for a couple of week. It’s useful for me to refelect what I have learnt so far. It appears to me that blog is useful for individual presentation, it’s great to see my writing track in in chronological order, however, it is limited for discussion. Though I expected to have more comments from my colleagues, I have just had only one reader, well he’s doing good monitoring! I think the problem is I have not used RSS feeds to socialize my blog that I’ll try to include next week.

I have not been familiar with wikis, however, I will work with it from now on. Wiki will support me to collaborate with my SIG who I am doing the 2nd project with in the 4th week. I believe everyone in my group can have access to make change, categorise, add, edit pages of our work together.

According to Christian Dalsgaard, LMS are  ” systems which organize and manage e-learning activities within a system, a management system is used only for administrative purposes”. 

I have no idea on LMS yet and this will be my focused work in the coming weeks!