Learning With Texts and Quizlet: Tools for language teaching & learning

Today we are introduced other TELL tools such as  Learning With Texts (LWT) & Quizlet

LWT is totally the free sofware. However, we are told that it is better to have someone who are good at computering in our institution to help us install it.


I think if your school/university has been on-going infrastructure challenges (inadequate computers, lack of internet access…), it’s your task to consider how to apply it effectively for student learning. Now let listen what others talk about the tool:


Then we all have found Quizlet easier to operate! It seems everyone were really enjoying to play with Flashcards, Spellers, Learn, Test, Scatter.. We believe that young learners will certainly benefit a lot from the tools.

Here are  6 different study modes you can teach your students to learn it their own ways:


Flip through and familiarize yourself with the material.

Learn mode

Track your progress and review the things you got wrong.


Match words to their definitions and try to finish faster than your friends.


Type what you hear. Works in 18 different languages.


Prepare for the actual test with an automatically graded quiz.

Space Race

Earn points by typing in words before their definitions vanish off the screen.



One thought on “Learning With Texts and Quizlet: Tools for language teaching & learning

  1. Steve

    This is a great overview of Quizlet. It will be helpful for showing teachers all the things it can do. Remember that it’s always good to link the tools in the technology to relevant SLA theory, aspects of competence, needs and environmental constraints so that teachers (and institution supervisors) will be convinced that the tool actually solves the problems and helps with the critical event: learners learning English better.


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