Being a language technology specialist?

Today we had an interesting session presented by Ms. Edit Paillat a teacher of the course. She told us her good story of experiencing to be English teacher and ELT teacher trainer and later how to become a language technology specialist, ( It is great to know that she used to teach in Viet Nam for 2 years!). Edit used to have to deal with using technology in her job and teaching (even it was not long ago). Our world is rapidly changing with the advanded technology and Edit is such a good model of the 21st century professionals who always keep learning and support for the integration of skills such as critical thinking, problemsolving and communication into  language teaching as one of core acedemic subjects.

I remember there is a saying of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941);

           ‘A teacher can never truly teach unless she is learning herself

  A lamp can never light another flame unless it continues to burn its own flame’

I am impressed by her experiences and research. She provided us some new terms, new ideas (such as Education the Net Generation, she listed new software can be used in teaching language, some we have not heard before . I am looking forward to asking her more in-depth of the use of ‘informal learning’ in life, especially about her interest in “virtual environment’ that I also think it could be an invitable trend of communication tomorrow.


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