Google Docs & Audio-Text

In the afternoon, today Nov 8th, Hung talked to us his experiences in using GoogleDoc in his job, sharing related information with his colleagues and friends. GD is also a mavellous tool to keep your files and let you create your different materias on line. It would be useful to look at Google Drive for your operation 🙂

As real evidence, Stephen Caughley, our course-coordinator showed us how GD helped him to analyse leaners’ needs to plan for the course at the beginning. It was wonderful to see the meaningful findings that Stephen did not need much time to have but technology did for him! Such a good job.

I am curious about the results of the 2 questionaire and hope that Stephen will have time to send us for our reference as he promised.

(We know you are working very hard in order to facilitate our learning here, Steve, we really appreciate, your manner and arrangement, thank you)

Now we are now rushing to plan for the presentation tomorrow, however, have just spent some time to use ‘audio & text’ to rehearse old songs together, let’s see



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