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It was not the first time I attended a cyber professional forum like we have just had one with Helen Myrers this morning, I am entirely influenced though. Helen is a teacher of French and senior manager at a state secondary comprehensive school in the UK. She used to be the President of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and is currently Chair of its London branch. She has researched in Art, Music & Languages. It was amazing as we just joined in the discussion without noticing that we are from different parts of the world (UK-NZ). Wonderful to talk to her, asked questions about ICT & TELL/CALL. She shared with us how secondary teachers in the UK use ICT for sts’learning and provided us with lots of tools/websites as materials/resources to spend on/consider to build our CoP. I found it inspired. Why not? Languagelearningmusicology with ICT to improve ELL&T, just an idea has come up ..

Thank you, Helen and the tutors for such stimulating moments!


2 thoughts on “from CoP of Second Life

  1. cyberplacebo

    Well I am glad you enjoyed talking to her, you can post a comment in her blog as well thanking her for her participation 😉 It is always nice when someone appreciate you as a person and says so, this is the foundation of great collaboration!


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