My Twitter account has been activated today, though I still feel like teering, scaring away to publish the posts. Strange, isn’t it? last week you were disappointed as just having got few comments and now, reluctant to be seen by people…

I did not trust twitter before and did not follow any twitter invitation as I doubted of rubbish information may cause, and now I am learning from scratch, have tweeted and let’s see how it goes…

Feel a bit guilty to my SIG as I have not post anything there (just planning!)


2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. cyberplacebo

    Anh, this is what I have felt about blogging in the beginning, I have never written a diary before 9even as a child) as I was too afraid that people would see me as vulnerable, and my thoughts remain mine personally. Don’t worry about being scared and admitting that you don’t understand or don’t like a tool you are presented with. The whole point of this exercise is share with others your impressions on a specific tool and display an understanding of it so we can best assist you implement it (or not – you choose) in your context. the second point of this exercise is to also get a feel of what your students will be exposed to when you ask them to reflect on their learning 😉 keep on writing, you are on the right track!

    1. anh_nguyen ngoc Post author

      Thank you, Edith for your advice. I am not afraid of being commented anyway, on blog, just leanrned my own feelings psychologically when using twitter at the beginning. Of course I should keep writing as a part of assignments..


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