Web 2.0: storybird

I am really attracted by storybird tool. You would be easily inspired as it is a wonderful idea for language learning and teaching at schools. To see how it goes, just click ‘tour’ for instructions. and then, why don’t you comment on my first story …?


4 thoughts on “Web 2.0: storybird

  1. Steve

    Hi Anh,

    What a great story! I like the way you’ve used the pictures and the names of all the characters are really interesting too. Did it take you long to write the story?

  2. cyberplacebo

    Great story Anh, The idea for the reader to follow it up is great, it could become an activity for a class like the “excquisite corpse” whereby participants construct a story without knowing what comes first or after, or simpler you can time groups to create the story consecutively: group1 = week1, then group2 continues group1’s story during week2, etc.. I love it!


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