SSAILL Moodle Sandpit (SMS)

Last week we were enrolled in SMS, where we could learn, revise and dig into the use of web 2.0 tools in our teaching practice. We did play but really learn in the meaningful context. At the beginning of the week, we had impressive lectures from Mr.Brian Caughley, he taught us how to create/add an activity in Moodle Sandpit. He had very good experiences in teaching his students online via LMS. Amazingly he told us that some of them he never met in real life but online classes and they did well. Will the sort of e-classes become popular in the coming years? Whether or not  teachers/classrooms are not needed in the near future? How does the teacher feel and what is different between face-toface classes and online ones?

Though we did not have much time to ask Mr. Caughley these questions, my experiences on Moodle Sandpit yielding insights of new learning style today; we can learn anywhere, anytime…life-long learning sustains…In Viet Nam context, as far as I know, Moodle is feasible solution for e-learning. I feel it is like a Green House where the roles of Admin User, teacher, students can be safely, effectively activated and the real learning properly takes place. We did learn another pro- new useful tool to teach vocabulary, Lextutor 101, teacher ably used it as a loop (course from Sandpit) to provide us a grasp of understanding the use of tool. Great job!

After the week, as students, we had a lot of assignments from other courses, I hope I can complete before returning home…yes, as we are learning..and I enjoy playing round in the Sandpit..

What about you?


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