Your project in Second Life

Edith oi, thank you so much for introducing, sharing with us your projects, experiences and people (Heike, the Doctor…) in Second Life. I doubted at the beginning whether SL could be easily adopted in educational settings, especially in Viet Nam contexts with so much constraints.. of course, it is continuously discussed and, may be your plan is to open it and let us either criticise or think about ..?

For me, I enjoy all your stories from SL, they are like pictures that now I can zoom in and out to identify which should be right for anyone as learners …It is an excellent idea for midwives to help babies be delivered, it is properly another learning style, informal learning or formal ones, depend on programes’ principles, teachers’ purposes…and lifelong learning is beyond..

will be back again as have to return class..


One thought on “Your project in Second Life

  1. cyber placebo/ Edith

    Ah thank you Anh, I am glad you enjoyed that session, it was very talkative on my part, the important thing now is for you to experience 3d virtual environments before you can share this with other educators as the learning curve is steep. However you have friends there like me who can guide through the teaching and learning techniques. It is a gret environment and even if you don’t end up using in teaching, being aware of its existence is already a step up! 🙂


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