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From our views, Wellington is a clean, green and pretty city

Song of the lovely mountain

I am thrilled by the Hobbit tonight and sunk in the song of the lovely mountain

Here is Peter Jackson’s talks about the film and I found some thoughts from the Hobbit’s fan

It seems that some talks of characters from the film are so relevant to our situation right now 🙂


Lesson Plan: Introduce Blogs to English majors

Finally I have made the following lesson plan to be posted on our Wiki, embedding the idea of Stephen Caughley at and the report from our group.

the Lesson Plan is accompanied by the Video: Blogs

I hope to have your constructive comments for improvements

Thank you

TELL & Viet nam context

It has been a good day, we were given an opportunity to brainstorm then analyse the influence of aspects of language competence, considitions of learning on learners’ needs (in secondary/tertiary education)  Vietnam context. I impressed with shapes  Steve ‘played’  to give us ideas on learners’ needs analysis in TELL. I agree, our fantasy about technology seems unrealistic, however in fact many of us do enjoy it and try to integrate into our classroom environment. However, what learning environment benefits from/ what it has to deal with?

In the afternoon, we are struggling with the ideas  whether FL could be transform into SL in VN with the development of TELL. We did webquest- based research on tech. is naturally integrate into classoom to enhance authentic learning. I like the moment we critically discussed how authentic learning was set up in classroom and solved the problems/consequences of leaners – learning conditions/ – teacher training circumstances..

Now I am thinking back the TPACK model as scaffolding for in-service teacher training combined with the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning domains.

I don’t have access to ‘my Victoria’ tonight so it’s impossible to observe/analyze the beautiful ‘fruit taxonomy’ you showed us this afternoon